Tips from a Trusted Air Conditioning Contractor

AC Maintenance Tips That All Homeowners Must Know  

Many people believe that they’re good to go once their AC has been installed by professional air conditioning contractor. But, while proper installation is important, remember that it’s only half the battle! To maximize your investment, you should also make AC maintenance a priority and ensure that your cooling equipment will last for a long time. Here are some of the maintenance tips that you can use:

Replace the air filter regularly

HVAC systems have at least one air filter, which traps dust and other pollutants and prevents them from mixing with your indoor air. Unfortunately, air filters aren’t designed to be self-cleaning, which means that they’ll get clogged and dirty as time goes by. Clogged filters can restrict the airflow in the HVAC system, and they can cause your cooling equipment to work harder than normal and expose it to premature wear and tear.

Ensure that the outdoor unit is always clean

Outdoor air-conditioning units can get covered with dirt, twigs, dead leaves, lawn clippings, and other debris, and they can prevent the outdoor coils from properly releasing heat into the environment. This means that your AC will take a long time to cool your home and that it will consume a lot of energy. So, if your AC has an outdoor unit, you need to inspect it regularly and make sure that it’s free of debris.

Keep these tips in mind to extend your AC’s lifespan and ensure that it’s always in good working condition! If you’d like to get more tips, or if you’re experiencing issues with your cooling equipment and need help with fixing them, don’t hesitate to call MS Gretna. We are a trusted air conditioning contractor in Gretna, LA, and we can assist you with AC repair and installation as well as other tasks. Contact us now at (901) 694-8966 and book an appointment with our team!