3 Steps to Having a More Efficient AC System

3 Steps to Having a More Efficient AC System  

How to Extend the Life of Your Unit and Avoid a Rather Expensive Air Conditioning Service

A recent study has shown that air conditioners account for 20% of a typical household’s electrical bill. Obviously, this is quite a lot, and what’s even more disturbing is that there is almost nothing you can do to lower this figure. However, the same study has shown that an unmaintained AC unit can account for almost a half of your electrical bills. So, if you want to avoid this, follow these three easy steps.

Duct cleaning

Many times air ducts don’t get the attention they deserve. However, you should know that your ducts are an important part of our system’s efficiency. They are connected to the air vents and help the air to travel from your vents to your indoor unit and backwards. Over time, ducts can develop problems. One of the most common issues is an air leak. If the air escapes from your ducts, then the entire system’s efficiency is compromised. So, hire a professional air conditioning service provider to inspect and clean your air ducts if you want to have an efficient AC system.

Tune up

Every system can benefit from occasional tune ups. However, if you want to get the most out of your AC unit, then arrange for regular tune up services. This involves hiring a technician to inspect your system on a regular basis. After each inspection, they will hand you a list of all the things you have to do to increase your system’s efficiency.

Filter replacement

Your system’s filtration systems has a lot to do with the performance of your unit. When filters get too dirty, air won’t be able to pass through them freely. This will put additional pressure on the fan, causing it to overheat. Lack of proper air flow can also lead to serious performance issues. So, replace your filters regularly in order to avoid such problems.

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